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So how was your day?

July 24th, 2008 · No Comments

Did you do much?  Maybe you went and had a little look at Don’s site and had a bit of a giggle.  Then again, maybe you rented a movie, and then had a chat with Jim about it?  Maybe?  Maybe you just went to Mrs T’s house and talked about the virtues of being a housewife extraordinaire?  Or even looked in to the deeper side of life and relationships with Tamera?  Of course, some times you just want to look at whats going on in the world with Rose.

Maybe you didn’t do any.  Maybe you went to have a word with some menopausal old bag?  Or maybe thought about moving to france, and wearing jodhpurs.  Like Debs.

There are so many posibilities really when you look in to it (and by that, sorry if I missed anyone).   I mean, today I did this (well, my wife did it.  I was just there for the show):


World – Meet Shawnee Jaydn Hughes.

Shawnee – Meet the world.

So if updates are a little slow for the next 18 years, you know why.  If you need a paypal button to send me vast quantities of cash for her, just ask.

RIght.  Been up for 29 hours straight.  Going to bed.  Night night world….even if it is 10am.

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