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Dressing up as a baby – Not as much fun as it seems?

November 28th, 2008 · No Comments

Today I discovered that finding material for this site can be at times a little harder than you realise.

How do you make a post out of spending the day with my 4 month old where all we did was blow raspberries at each other.  And they weren’t even great raspberries.  They were the making of.  Mine were of course first class, but I feel that at 4 months old, my daughter just wasn’t giving it her all.  I think with enough practice she will maybe be as good as I am, but we wont know for a long while.

But then, if I was to write a post on what actually happened today, I would use the word dribble.  And that is about it. 

Near the top of the site by Georgie B, he says and I steal quote

“There are days where I would love to inhabit my seven year old daughter’s version of reality. Today is one of those days.”

I on the other hand managed to spend the day actually AS a four month old.  The only real differences were that I didn’t drink breast milk and didn’t shit myself at will in to my underwear.  Granted I was tempted (not the breast milk) but just couldn’t bring myself to do it.  Maybe it was because unlike her, I have to wash my underwear rather than stick it in a bin and have it disposed of.

So for a while I decided that I want to become a child again. It’s a great life.  You get to spend all day with a bottle in your mouth which is something that I would love to do, but the Dr said something about liver damage if I was to continue down that road.  There is no such thing as a toilet routine.  I can pee on the bed, on another person…in fact anywhere I please and it is not frowned upon.   In fact they are happy that you are going.

The best part is that you sleep during the day and no one is bothered.  Actually, it is seen as a good thing.

The only thing I have an issue with is that I have seen too many episodes of Jerry Springer and watched a fully grown man want to be dressed up as a baby and it scares me a little.  I just don’t think I am cute enough to be a baby and my IQ is just a little too low.

Lets be honest here.  If I put the following outfit on, would you come back to this site again?  I think not:


Yes I know.  He is indeed a real looker.  I am pretty sure he feeds himself too looking at the breasts on the guy. 

I am also sure he is the best evidence I have seen for staying as an adult and not trying to regain my childhood.  Oh, and for electric shock treatment.

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