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I have given you a bag of crap. Be happy!

April 18th, 2009 · No Comments

Do you remember when you were a kid (or maybe you are still?) and you went to a party and got given a party bag at the end?  It was almost always the same.  You would get a whistle, a chewy sweet and maybe one of those bottles where you take out the lid and blow in to it and bubbles go everywhere. 

Actually, they were supposed to but I always managed to find myself drinking the contents of the bottle  and then I turned in to a bubble machine, but boy…the bubbles were not coming out of the expected place.  I couldn’t sit down because I would slide off of the chair.  It was fun.  You know, in a “Why does god hate me” kinda fun way.

But regardless of my failings, party bags were fun.  Of course, there were always those who wished to take it further.  Beat the previous bags effort.  Do something a little “different”. 

Well, if you feel the need to find one to beat, can I suggest a trip to Paris.  Maybe to the Paris-Vincennes trotting track.  Their party bag which was shown as an advance sample recently, is a:

 Red velveteen jewellery-style box with a leaflet featuring a horse dropping on a red silk cushion. “When champions grow so do our plants” is the tag line.

They are kidding right?  I mean really…they are giving away a jewellery box of horse crap?  And not only that, it is

high-end, 100 percent natural, guaranteed non-genetically modified, French-origin

Non-genetically modified French origin poop?  So are they saying that this is pure crap rather than an old car tyre that has been changed to make it look like crap?  That’s good to know, coz you know there is nothing worse than wanting a handful of crap but instead someone gives you a McDonalds instead.  Oohhh..sorry, same thing.  I should have used a different analogy there.  No, using the word analogy is not an unusual word for me, it is just fitting that in a post about crap that it starts with anal.

They have decided that this is a great way to get rid of the 20 kilos of crap produced daily by each horse.  Or another way of wording it is “This is what we think of you…merry bloody easter you horse crap smelling dumbwit.”

I am a little curious though.  Just how big is this jewellry-box of crap that they are giving away?  Is it big enough to help grow things in your garden?  Coz you know, that’s a BIG bag.  At the end of the day will there be thousands of people carrying huge bags of  horsecrap to their cars while mentioning what a splendid day they have had and cant wait to get there hands dirty?

You can read all about the crap HERE or another way to look at is you just read this post.  Same thing, different site.

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