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It is really just a yes or no question. Only you can decide.

January 11th, 2013 · No Comments

Dear reader,

I have a request.

As I have alluded to in the last couple of posts, I am considering closing the site.  Why?  Well, I dont actually know if anyone reads it anymore.  I don’t advertise the site anywhere so knowing if the readership is increasing is hard to tell.  As with most sites, people dont put comments down because…well..why should they?  So knowing if people actually enjoy what is written is hard to tell. 

On the 24th January, I either pay for the renewal, or I press the Cancel Subscription button on the hosting providers website.  The site either stays or goes.

I have placed a poll below.  I dont know if it will work if you receive these posts via mail or via RSS feed….so my apologies if nothing comes up.  If it doesnt and you do want to vote, you will unfortunately have to click through to the site and do it from the original post.  It wont ask for your email address, name, credit card number.  But if you want to send me a photo of your pet, that is fine. 

Here is the poll:  (alternatively, just email me at and dish me some abuse)


The poll is above this.  Thats how you know if you got it.  Clever huh?  No I know.

Feel free to ignore the request to click a little box in the poll, it is really so I can work out if it is worth my time putting fingers to keyboard and making the magic that is the pointless posts that appear on this site to keep you away from real hard hitting journalism about cats stuck in trees.



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