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An alternate point of view by a balloon shagging bunny

January 17th, 2013 · No Comments

It seems that in today’s “blogging world” that a guest post is of paramount importance.  And not something to do with the writer being too lazy to put up their own post that day.  It is a way to get others point of view across and hope that they bring readers with them to your site.   And god knows I need more of those!  Do me a favour…hit share and share it with everyone.  There is a prize for the person that shares it the most.  (there really isn’t)

Soooo…  Erm.  In the interest of paramount importance rather than me being too lazy and after she read the last post and realised she was getting some bad press, today’s post is not by me.  It is by a guest poster.

It is by my bunny Elmee.  I am sorry.  I really don’t know what she is going to write.  Anyway, without further ado…..I present you with the guest post by ELMEEEEE!


I thought I should probably bring my side of events to the table after reading that my personal sexual adventures were being posted online for all 3 readers of this site to read.  I want to tell you a story of love.  Of Friendship.  Of ultimate betrayal.

It all started a couple of weeks ago when I started to get urges. 

Me and my man would often sit, cuddling, grooming each other.  He would pick thing out of my hair, I would continuously lick his arm, face, head.  Heck, I groomed him so well one day that his head had a shine to it.

Then one day while doing this I got a weird feeling.  Like he wasn’t just a friend anymore who I spent my time with.  Someone who realised I didn’t want flowers and instead bought me lettuce.  And carrots.  He knew me like no other did. 

I should note that he is also a real gentleman.  He has no matter what state I am never picked me up and had a good old look between my legs.  He has assumed I am a girl because I have the kind of tail you only see on someone you reeeeally fancy.  I wont tell him if he is right or not.  It is irrelevant.  Love has no boundaries.  I am bunny.  He is man.  I have a cute tail, he has the ability to literally pick me up off of my feet and tug on my ears in a way I like.

Anyway.  These feelings.  One day we were playing the spinny roundy game.  He moves his hand around my side and I spin around and follow it.  Then all of a sudden out of nowhere I jumped up, grabbed his arm and humped his hand.

He looked perplexed.  A little confused.  Said some words I didn’t understand.  They were “What the actual f**k!”.   Not sure what it meant, so I assumed it meant “YES! MORE!  DON’T STOP!  LETS PARTY LIKE IT’S 1999!” and I carried on.

When I was done, he picked me up.  I was expecting a cuddle.  We didn’t.

He put me back in my cage and walked away.  Got himself a post-coital beer.  Made himself a sandwich.

I felt cheated.  Used.  Like I was only there for gratification of his hand.  I decided I would have my revenge.

A while later, he let me out again.   Smiled as if nothing had happened.  He even brought lettuce with him.  Hurt from our previous encounter I decided it was time to sleep around.  See how he felt knowing he couldn’t hurt me.

I saw a sexy looking round thing in the corner.  I asked it what its name was.  It didn’t answer.  It just stared at me. I took that as an invite.  I hid in the corner of the room and went right at it.  He heard.  He looked.  I looked him right in the eye as he peered over the chair.  Angered, I showed my claws.

*bang*.  My lover disappeared.  Actually, the skin was all that was left.  I was mortified.  He just laughed.  Said something about “She just humped a balloon”.

If anyone has seen my lover, please let me know.  It will be skinless.  I feel like it was just a bag of air.  

Since then, he has become aware of my ways and cleared things away.  I had my eye on a stuffed toy from my cage.  Gone. 

At least he continues to tug on my ears. *sigh*

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